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UHC GLUJOINT is a blend of a proprietary ingredient, Bioactive Collagen Peptide (BCP)TM, calcium and soya. This combination provides a good taste to the basic amino acids essential for our joints, which is lacking in our poor protein diet. Consumers of UHC GLUJOINT reported improvement in joint’s mobility, pain, stiffness and strength. Studies showed that 90% of BCP is absorbed into the blood stream 6 hours after consumption. And BCP reaches cartilage tissue 12-48 hours after consumption. Iron is a factor in red blood cell formation. Calcium aids in development of strong bones and teeth. Protein provides amino acids necessary for protein synthesis and it helps build and repair body tissues.
- UHC GLUJOINT is suitable for people who are overweight, elderly and athletes
- It also helps in overused joints and joint injuries
- UHC GLUJOINT improve joint, tendon and ligament strength, regenerate cartilage, relieve pain, re-energize muscle strength and reactivate motility
- High in calcium, low in fat, source of iron, soya flavour, no added sugar, natural source without chemical added, certified as GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) by USA FDA
- Patented ingredient from Germany